stay at home mom

Seasons May Change…

Winter to Spring, but I love you. Come what May! Everyone sing it with me… orrrrr don’t.

So our season has changed. I feel like change is inevitable in my life. Why is that? Who knows… something is ALWAYS literally changing. I take it as God playing with my strings and I’m just following along. 🙂

When I last left you I think it was the beginning of the year last year… well since then we have moved further south Texas. We no longer have a beautiful piece of land or a old little farm house. Due to a WONDERFUL opportunity we have become city slickers again, hopefully not for long. Just while we find somewhere to rest our little souls for the rest of our life.. I hope…

We are also working hard on our budget. We have been SO blessed in our life even with some of the bad that we have experienced there seems to be SO much more good. so there is NO reason why we can’t make that better and get ahead you know? Especially since we would like to buy some land and plant our roots, for eva eva? FOR EVA EVA.

SO in the meantime, I’m keeping my little self busy by running and trying to live a healthier life. I’ve been jog/running for a couple weeks if not a month by now and I went from being able to barely do 2 miles to just running my first 4 mile run on Sunday.. in the rain. It was awesome… hahahahahaha. I know right? but it really did feel good to jog in the rain and complete something I never thought I was capable of. I’m still doing my crafts but because I don’t sell publicly I just make fun things for friends, family, or for my kids, I don’t post about it usually. Its easier that way and less controversial in my opinion.

I did my first 5k as a jogger on 1/26/19! It was a my daughter’s school fun run and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it seemed to motivate me to keep chugging a long. I have another 5k next Weekend, which I’m hoping I beat my 39 min 1st 5k timing. Then on March 2nd I have a 10K *que drama music*.  I’m currently doing the Jeff Galloway method, but I’m doing the Marathon training program. I’m really hoping to go to the Wine and Dine 10k and half during November. That’s my eye on the prize and what I’m striving and saving money for. *fingers crossed*

and that’s it, all caught up. That was fun wasn’t it? Y’all have a blessed day!