stay at home mom


Good Morning! It is 5:32am and both girls are still sleeping, so I’m having some quiet time and planning our 1 meal this week (Deer Chili – Thank you, POP!). Also, getting ready for our 3rd Christmas/New Year celebration. I’m making The Pioneer Woman’s Merc Queso! It’s from her new cookbook, Come and Get It! I’ve made a couple of recipes out of this book and once again have yet to be disappointed. I just adore her and I want to be her when I grow up… obsessed… nahhh.. maybe? It goes about as deep as my Miranda Lambert obsession. However, I have yet to meet the infamous Ree Drummond. I almost drove to Dallas one day just to do that but you know kids and priorities… *eyeroll* lol.

Since the New Year is approaching at a rapid speed, I should add. I wanted to express my view on word new. When you say, “Happy New Year”, it’s a meaning of it’s a new year and new start. How amazing is it that we have this to look forward to when our year wasn’t the best or just looking forward to creating or trying to make a better you? What if I told you that we have this opportunity with God everyday, we don’t have to wait until the “New Year” to become new and make a better us! I’m so thankful for all of his blessings and man, has he been here for us this year. Just when you think the worst is about to happen there is that “door” that opens up. ALL Glory to him, because seriously, stuff like this doesn’t just happen. Go to a quiet church (this is why I converted to Catholicism because of the quietness and traditions of the church, it’s not about socializing or condemning you to hell… it’s just you and him. Sorry, if you disagree just a personal opinion and side note.) and just soak it up and I promise you WILL feel something and that something is him telling you I’ve got you, do not be afraid. It’s an amazing feeling friends and it gives me chills thinking about it. 💗

New to me is exciting, fresh, and sometimes scary. Don’t get me wrong old is probably my favorite because it’s always been there and you never have to wonder if it will go away. It’s there and has been there, which is the ultimate comfort. Can you tell I have commitment issues? (Thanks, DD 😒) We have some more big changes ahead of us this year. Wade started a new job and if all goes well at his new job it looks like we could be moving again… which literally makes me sick at my stomach thinking about it. SO I’m not going to talk about it right now at least… AVOIDANCE at it’s finest.

ANYWAY- I was going to talk about our new family but they aren’t really new, they were just “lost”. Some of you know that my husband was adopted by his WONDERFUL parents and when he says he hit the jackpot of parents, he really did. They are amazing and will always be his mom and dad and frankly, I look up to them a lot because they are still married and raised 2 wonderful boys who made wonderful husbands and dads. However, I think there is always this where do I come from sentiment in an adopted child. Back in 2014-2015 we started watching a show called Long Lost Family. Wade and I hadn’t really ever talked about him being adopted but as I was boo hooing over some of these stories, I looked at him and said, “Wouldn’t you want to know?” and he replied, “I would like to thank her for giving me life and find out health information for the girls”. We talked to his parents about it and they gave us all the information they had and after applying to the registry, (Texas) they told us that there hadn’t been a mutual request and we could petition the courts for the file to be opened but we would need a lawyer.
     Well the year passed and around January of 2017 we purchased some DNA kits from Ancestry and in April when we finally got the results back, Wade had a 1st cousin match which led us after some digging and Facebook stalking to his biological Dad! Which eventually led us to his biological Mom. Wade and I had talked about how this could be a really bad and I wanted him to be prepared for the worst. It turns out, he couldn’t have had a better outcome. After we met both BD and BM they threw Wade a ’40 years of missed birthdays’ party and we met cousins and close family friends of the family. It was amazing at how well we “fit in” and how accepting of us everyone was. To be rejected by my own father and then be accepted by this family is such an/a amazing BLESSING to me. It is all still so exciting and we are enjoying getting to know them and spend time with them to make up for the lost time. I get super emotional thinking about it because it is at times overwhelming how blessed we are and how we are the characters in this story that God is writing. I’m looking forward 2018 and all the adventures it will entail. Maybe, I’ll talk about some New Year’s resolutions next. OH BOY! lol