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Influenster || Mary Kay Vox Box

Why hello there!

It’s been sometime since I’ve stopped by. I have a big people job now… So I work my days away and rarely get time to read, blog, etc.


I got a very lovely package in the mail the other day. It was my very first influenster vox box. It was filled with wonderful Mary Kay (full sized) products!!



Influenster is a community of people who review and rate products. If you qualify for a certain vox box, they send you a bunch of samples, so you can review and spread the word! I think influenster is by invite only now, I guess they have so many people signed up. You have to request an invite or just let me know and I can invite you. It’s loads of fun. I’ve enjoyed my Mary Kay Vox Box so much! Lets do this:

It came with (from Left to right) lash primer, mascara, a concealer/cream eyeshadow brush, lipstick in pink chèrie, and last but not least a lavender cream eyeshadow called purple storm!

This is my most favorite in the box! It has these little cotton things I between the brushes and works so well. I’ve used it by itself this week. It gives a good base for mascara to be applied.

The mascara is okay, I DO NOT like the silicone brushes. They hurt my eyes. They are too hard, but they do work at separating and lengthening lashes (primer does that too).

Nothing too special about this brush, it gets the job done and has a soft tip.

The lipstick is a sheer wash of bright pink. It is pretty. It has a smell to it, that I’m not fond of but the formula is good. Doesn’t dry out your lips and is very easy to apply. The packaging is pretty cool. You can see the color through the top of the tube, and it slides in and out of the top casing. Cool!

Lastly, the creame eyeshadow. The color pay off isn’t the greatest. It last a long time, I had to scrub it off my hand! I think this would be a great base for a powdered shadow. It’s very smooth and creamy (as its called).

I’m very thankful to Mary Kay and Influenster for letting me test out these products for completely no cost to me! I haven’t tried Mary Kay in years!! Like I said my favorite in the box is the primer. They included a magazine with their products and i’m very intrigued! I’ll post a look of all the products on my mug:

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!




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Review || Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Cat Eyes


Hello Hello!

My first review of 2013 and it isn’t good… :/ I have heard about the cat eyes mascara and thought, oh! I LOVE love my regular colossal volume, this one shall be amazing. I was wrong. I love everything about the huge brush and the almost dry formula in the regular colossal volume. This one is just about the opposite. The brush is curved and small. Also really stiff, it almost hurt to brush it through my lashes.

The formula was very wet and I don’t want to say runny but it almost felt like there was no formula there. I obviously know that this wasn’t going to give me a more cat like appearance, but I thought it would be a better colossal volume. I must say that the packaging is adorable. I love the leopard spots but this mascara just wasn’t worth the 7.00-8.00 I spent.

Now, why this looks like it did an okay job, I’ll post my makeup of the day picture and it almost looks like I have no mascara on… Such a disappointment.

Well that will be it for this review, until next time…

Peace an Blessings 🙂



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A New Year and some new changes.

I know I haven’t been posting at all really, but I’ve been torn as to feeling like I can only blog about hunting or makeup and so when I do post other stuff I guess I feel guilty.. weird, I know. I wanted to make a change to my blog that wouldn’t limit me (or make me feel limited) as to what I can post about.
I am a stay at home mom who likes to do a bunch of things for and with my family. I hope those of you who read my blog will understand. I feel I can post a lot more if I have more of a broader range of what I’m posting about. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

We are going to be spending New Year’s Eve with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law at their house and my sister will be joining us. No biggie… we will end up leaving at 10:30 or so and watching the ball drop here at the house. I am planning on opening my special bottle of Crazy Ex Girlfriend wine! Woo. GO me. lol Oh and I made some Cake Batter Chocolate Chip cookies from They are all things wonderful and good for a great New Year. They have sprinkles and stars and of course cake batter! YUM. I’ll post pictures later.

Also, I’m not usually the one to make New Year’s Resolutions BUT I am converting to Catholicism this year and cannot tell you how happy I’ve been because I realize that what other people think, talk, or do about me or some of my choices has no impact on me. That’s a decision that I’ve made. I’m going to QUIT worrying about what everyone else thinks and trust what God wants is right. Also, I’m trying SO hard to not judge others because we have NO idea what they are going or have been through. I truly want everyone to have peace with themselves because we are only here for a short amount of time and I want my time here to mean something.

Sorry to bore you with all that, but it’s just how I feel. I’ve opened my heart up for God and just feel so much better about everything. It’s all clearer and I don’t have a heavy heart filled with stress, ugliness, and just down right unhappiness. I hope the New Year brings all of you wonderful readers a new sense of peace and a wonderful happy 2013. 🙂

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I Just got the first doe of the season!!!

Haha. I know it’s supposed to be buck… But hey we get what we can get! It was a modern gun doe hunt in specified zones here in Arkansas and I just so happened to go hunting with my dad… Who goes to a deer camp in a little city named Sheridan (well outside of Sheridan). I got out to my stand around 0630 and when daylight breaks I ask my dad (through a text message shhh!!) where in the heck is the feeder? He responded with right in front of you. I look and I don’t ever find it. My phone lights up again with a text from my dad saying be sure and look down the road. I said okay, and looked to my right see nothing… Take my time looking to the left and BAZINGA! There were two doe crossing the street. Now, granted this is my second deer EVER, I still get jumpy and shaky and I got a neck shot… To some that’s good but I’ve always been told a chest shot is the best shot. So here is my little doe:

You can see the bullet hole in her neck there… She didn’t even budge. As soon as I shot she plopped down. So yay for some deer meat… I feel like we have been out of deer meat forever but it’s only just been for about 3 weeks or so hehe. Ready for some good eatins!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Mindy Lou



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Bow season officially begins! :)

Hello Hello!!

So here in Arkansas, our bow season officially started and I feel we got a good start. Didn’t get anything, but kinda saw what was going on and what maybe we would see in the future. OH, and these are really shaky… I forgot to get a tripod before we left.. sorry for that, it can be annoying.

Saturday 9/15/12
So, we weren’t really prepared for me to be using a crossbow this season so I was in a deer blind which was about 65 yards away from the feeder and so I didn’t try to kill anything, because it was too far away for me to try and get an accurate shot. I got out in the stand (almost too late) about 6:30am and around a hour or two later I saw a doe. She was either really old or she was sick. We thought maybe she had mange and was starving or something she was really little.

Sunday 9/16/12
I got out to the stand really early this morning about 5:45am… and again around 7-7:30 I got to where I needed to stand up and stretch.. I happen to look over to my left and just stood there for a minute watching and then I decide to set back down and I see this little guy. I thought he was a 4 point and so I didn’t make any effort to get closer because I definitely would have killed him if he were bigger. Actually, watching this over with my husband it almost looks as if we can count at least 6 legal points around the base of the horns. So have a look at him and thanks for reading. We will be back at it next weekend. 🙂

Mindy Lou Who

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Review: Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette


I’ve had this palette for awhile but was a little hesitant to try it because I didn’t think I could do the loud colors but I’m really impressed with this palette! The pigment is obviously amazing! These colors are bright and loud, but very easy to blend and tame down.

The Details:

  • 34.00 dollars
  • 4 medium sized pans of eyeshadow
  • 2am, Acidberry, Mochi, and Velocity
  • Can be purchased here


I am a sucker for packaging and for me to get a handwritten thanks (incredibly cool), a sticker, and a sample all wrapped up in pink tissue when I open my box is amazing! I can’t get over how much detail they put into it. For that I will be purchasing from Sugarpill again!



Color pay off is amazing. The Blue shade know as Velocity, seemed a little on the chalky side. The electric green color is called Acidberry, on the skin it’s a bit more yellow-green. 2 am is the plum purple shade and is true to pan. Mochi is the seafoam green in the bottom left color, it’s true to pan color as well. It is probably my favorite, just because it’s different.

Should You Buy It?:

Like I said, I was a little hesitant to buy this but I’m very glad I did! It’s something different to add to my collection and I feel I could do a lot of looks with this palette. The packaging was also awesome! If you aren’t looking for a little variety then I would stick to something a little more “normal” colored. It’s a fun palette and comes with a lot of extras!


Rating: 4.5/5

❤ Mindy



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Haul: Camo & Clothes

Hello!! I’m sooo excited. Hunting season is just upon us, and I’m getting ready by doing a little shopping. A friend on my Facebook who is an avid bow hunter (and very pretty too) shared a link to a company called Just For Does. I saw the post and noticed they had really cute clothes, and considering I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of gal, I just could resist! I bought 2 shirts. 1 is a turquoise tank top with red font that says Just For Does (clearance 19.95) and pretty ornate scrolls around it.

I also got a really cute black T-shirt that has a little doe on front with the companies name Just For Does. Then on the back is We Hunt Like You, Only Prettier. (retails 25.00) If you girls are into tshirts and hunting, I HIGHLY suggest checking them out. Shipping was fast and amazing customer service. Another thing the company has is scent free shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion to keep those pretty smells away while hunting! Visit them at




I was also at Wal-mart the other day, down their clearence section and I found some Camo hats for 5.00! What a steal! I found this really cute Realtree hat that is Camo but it has lace and pink font embroidery with a silver dot embroidered deer on the front. I loved it and with that great price, had to have it.

Last BUT certaintly not least… We took my dad to our local Hunting Expo this weekend and he was so nice enough to buy me some new bibs! So excited. They were a really good deal, they were half off. And I love them! I’ve been wearing them all night, they are SO comfy. 😍 I’m very thankful, for my dad for purchasing them for me. I’m all ready to go! Can’t wait to show you guys some of my hunts! Cross your fingers for a BIG buck!

Thanks for reading you guys! 💋