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Silhouette Cameo

💓Happy Valentine’s Day!!

My awesome husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo. I got it last week, that’s why there hasn’t been any blog post. I have been busy learning how to make fun stuff on it. I made a couple of things for big sister’s party, which was blast. Two of the girls ended up staying the night, SLEEPOVER! They didn’t go to bed until 3 that morning. haha. Good Times.

My mom also asked if I could make her some vinyl monograms for her Beti (WM Yeti). A girl at her work asked for one too. We found this really cute saying that said “Winey Bitch” and she thought it would be perfect for her friends wine glass. I layered my moms which I was nervous about because she requested 2 different colors but it turned out great!

Then last but not least I also made some applying vinyl decal instructions tags. That way if/when people order them then I can mail the instructions a long with them. It is also a “Thank you for your purchase” tag as well. I’m a sucker for packaging so I like to make nice packaging to go along with someones vinyl.

My next step is to make some shirts. I received a couple of Heat Transfer Vinyl (only boring colors: black, white, and gold) with my heat press but I’ve been too nervous. I bought the girls some shirts so I’m going to make them something today. Just have to think and or find a design I want to try. Please forgive me if I post less but I’m having fun… still rambling a long but having fun. 🙂
TaTa for now. 💋

stay at home mom

Nostalgia and Bolster Pillows

     I was driving the other day and this song came on that just takes you back to the old days. It is called Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. It was on one the Chronicles of Narnia soundtracks and I just love the song it totally puts me in this amazing peaceful place. The exact reason I love music. It made me think of the good old days of Xanga and MySpace where you could put music on your profile pages. Don’t you miss it? I miss it! This song would be my background music for sure…

We have had our table and chairs for years, they have been brutally abused by a now 9 year old and missing her mouth. She apparently needs to learn how to eat again because those things were gross. haha. We decided it would be an easy fix to just recover them with fabric. They turned out super pretty and they will be scotch guarded. (we aren’t completely done yet… 2/6 chairs are done… lol)

We had some extra fabric left over that wouldn’t necessarily cover another chair. I also found some gray remnants left over from something we used a long time ago. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to sew until I put two pieces of gray on each side of the fabric we used on the chairs. Then it hit me, I could totally make one of those long cylindrical pillows. After googling and finding out that it is called a bolster pillow… I made one! I haven’t ever completed a project sewing but as discussed earlier in another blog post. I’m going to finish one project at a time, and I did. It isn’t perfect but I love it.

It even has a matching button on the ends. It’s stuffed with Polyfil and probably cost about 5 bucks total to make. 🙂 Can’t wait for more sewing projects. Sewing is such a wonderful skill to be able to teach your kids because people don’t know how to use them anymore. I found a chair and ottoman at Goodwill that needed a little color, so the bolster pillow has a new home.


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February 7th, 2008


     On this day 9 years ago around 3:30 pm my oldest child made her appearance and my life forever changed. I think for the better, actually I know for the better. I always assumed that I would be a boy mom just because I don’t and didn’t feel as if I’m sympathetic enough to be a girl mom, but so far this is the beautiful life that God has blessed me with and I know I’m not the best at it but we get by and I feel as if I’ve raised a damn good kid. Anyway – today we celebrated her and her 9 years of life.

I have received these emails from since before she was born, they would tell me how big she was in my stomach, the terrible twos (threes were worse), and the bossiness that would occur with an older child. I would read over these emails and confirm or deny what was happening until about a week ago they said they would no longer be e-mailing because my baby was about to be 9 and they stop at that age. Heartbreak. Everything hit me at once, my baby is no longer a baby and the ugly tears came. Even today as Time Hop was showing me all through the years previous on her birthday and the picture above popped up and ugly tears as I was setting up her surprises. Time. Flies.

She has been begging to take piano lessons for over a year now. After failed attempts at cheerleading and softball, we are hoping that she enjoys music. We have grilled into her it isn’t easy and you have to practice everyday. Her big surprise was that.. an electronic keyboard and piano lessons. She was excited but claimed she did see me texting a piano teacher. *eye roll*

My mom wanted her to have a new bedroom set and asked her what theme she wanted to do and Jaeden said, “Paris!”. Okay we can work with that. So my mom got her a new comforter set, an Eiffel Tower lamp and dry erase board. We had previously purchased a used dresser, that we scored from Goodwill for 25$ (she has been due for new furniture for awhile now. Her dresser is as old as her). It has been in the garage for a couple of months. Wade has chalk painted and antiqued a lot of our furniture and with the Paris theme you can’t go wrong with some antiqued furniture. Here are pictures of her bedroom surprise.

Her Grammy and Pop sent her some money which is always good and she was very appreciative of. Overall, I think she had a great day! Sometimes I don’t think she realizes how lucky she is, but I take it with stride and try to get her to appreciate and take care of her things.

We are all very tired and worn out. Bed time has come easy tonight especially after the pizza dinner she chose as her birthday meal (and the chocolate cheesecake). 🙂 Hello, Carbs… So another year has come and gone and my little girl is officially nine… I don’t think she will ever know how much she has done for me in the nine years of life that she has had. So thankful that God chose me as her momma.

Goodnight, world.

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Let’s talk about my brown thumb…

     My mom has always, always had indoor and outdoor plants ever since I can remember. I however have not been that lucky with plants. I either forget to water them or don’t even pay attention to the specific care that they need… so what have I done? Yet another challenge for me to attempt. Hey, life is about challenges right?

So I’ve had this struggling fern, (in this beautiful galvanized pot that we found at Ikea) on our front porch and I decided to put it in the back yard on the deck for some extra TLC. I wanted a duo at least of plants, preferring a hanging ivy with some color so a quick stop at Lowes and I decided on these two. Some purple and white mixed pansies and a hanging ivy Pothos or Devils Ivy… I would pick that out, wouldn’t I? haha. I plan on getting a little chalk board and stake and putting, “NO SOLICITING PLEASE” on it. 🙂

While at Lowe’s I found this really pretty looking tree and I thought it would look great in the corner of our living room and provide some green. I had to ask my green thumb of a mother what kind of plant it was and she knew. (Thank goodness for moms, right?) It’s called a Dieffenbachia or The Dumb Cane… again, I would pick that one right? *eyeroll*
So sprinkle some green on my plants over here and pray they live. haha. 🙂
Luna also had fun helping me re-pot these plants. Hers a good girl.

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Lets try this again… and again.

     If you haven’t guessed it, I’m pretty on and off again on this blog. The idea of it seems wonderful but getting down to business and doing it is a totally different story. That is my life. I have all these grand and wonderful ideas but when it comes to actually doing them, I just don’t and move on to the next big thing. I realize this is a problem and is going to be something I’m going to work on. I mean I feel if I can actually stick with breastfeeding, which is super hard (hello, almost 7 months) and cloth diapering then maybe something is changing in my pattern.

My poor family and friends are probably sick of seeing all the pictures I post on FB so I’m going to get back at blogging it. That way if and when family and friends want to check it out, they can at their leisure. I’m also, I guess getting to the point (cough, age…) where I don’t really care what everyone thinks. I used to be so afraid to publish this blog to my facebook in fear of what others would think and or say. I’m a libra and it’s in my nature to be a people pleaser. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. That simple and I need to have that mentality more.

We are currently getting ready for Jaeden’s 9th birthday party this weekend! It is a movie themed party at home. We are going to watch Trolls and eat cake and popcorn with a couple of her friends from school. We have a big surprise for her on the day of her birthday. She is going to start taking piano lessons and thus will be getting an electric keyboard from us. Her Nana got her a new Paris comforter and some decor. The plan is to take her to school and set up all her goodies, so when she gets home she will be surprised. It’s so hard to believe she will be 9 tomorrow. My first baby.

Until Next time…

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Influenster || Violet Vox Box 2013

I’ve had my Influenster Vox Box items for a couple weeks now. It’s review time!

This didn’t last very long. I had two bites then my 5 year old ate the rest. It was pretty good. I think I would have liked another flavor better, not a cranberry fan.

This headband was very comfortable, however it didn’t stay put very well. It slid really easy because of the material. I love the gray and Violet together. Maybe if you wore your hair down like in the picture it would stay better, but for me it just didn’t stay.

Out of the whole box this was my favorite… It’s Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in reef-raf. However, it’s not the best fingernail polish in the world. It’s super streaky. I’m wearing one coat now and you can see the streaks. I think 1-2 more coats and it would be fine.

I was most excited about this product in my Vox Box. It’s the Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush. This thing retails at 13.00!! I would never pay that for a hairbrush, especially not this one. I was SO let down by this brush. It did absolutely nothing for my hair and was terrible to brush with. It felt very cheap and not at all of good quality.
I was very pleased to receive these, compliments of Influenster, Goody, SoyJoy, and Sally Hansen. I love testing out new products.
Goodnight loves!