stay at home mom

Moving On… ward.

We are finally just about all settled in to our new little home in the country. Oh? You didn’t know we moved? haha We did.

Our house had been on the market for almost a year. We had told our realtor that we were going to take a break once our contract was up (they were not very good and it was our polite way of saying we are going to try someone else). Well, literally, not even a week before our contract was over we magically had an offer. We had, had previous offers but they were offering WAY less. This offer was exactly what we were asking for so we of course took it and we closed on Friday June 30th.

While we LOVED the look of our house, we didn’t enjoy the city and all that comes along with it… HOAs, the ridiculous property tax, and having neighbors be able to look through your window because you live SO close. The property tax increased our mortgage payment to something we just were not comfortable with, so thankfully and FINALLY the house is sold and we are moving onward.

The difference between moving on and onward is that moving on is just letting it go and moving on. Onward to me is more moving on and looking forward to all the new adventures and what life is going to bring at us for now. What fun would life be if it were the same old comfortable setting everyday. While I do long for it, I know that is just not the case in life. We are given challenges and we either must just let them become us or accept them, defeat them, and learn from them.

Enough with the pep talk… it’s for myself anyway. 😉

Our summer has consisted mainly of moving, going to the local swimming pool, and doing NOTHING that was planned. I had planned this whole summer packet for my oldest and have we done any of it? Multiplication flash cards here and there, but no, not any of it. I’m okay with it. It’s summer and we are figuring it all out.

Jamie will be one in 8 days!!! 8 days my little baby will be a whole year old, it is crazy and I just can’t believe it. Her birthday will be totally different than Jaeden’s. Jaeden was surrounded by friends and family, we bought all the banners and balloons and with Jamie it will just be us, a couple of balloons, and cupcakes. Which is fine too. I’ve learned that going “all out” isn’t what it is cracked up to be. We are going for a more simple life and be happy with the things we have. I am planning on making cupcakes and that will be her smash cake. I like the tradition of making a cake for birthdays. Mine were always bought, not that there is anything wrong with a bought cake. I just like the idea of mom making the cake.

There’s that “pep talk” again… I’m going…. bye. 🤣

Sorry for such a long post, just wanted to update. Have a great day!

First sunset

more sunset

It’s hot.

Our new neighbors… 🙂

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