stay at home mom

Weekends that are good for the soul…

Hello! I’m back from a great and restful lent! I took a little while longer to come back to social media. It was such a good and restful time spent with my family and working on myself including the main man upstairs. Good times.

  You ever have those weekends where you get so much done that you feel good? It has been one of those weekends. I feel refreshed and purposeful. I crafted my little heart out this weekend… and it was SO nice. I made our Mother’s Day gifts on Saturday and Sunday made some goodies for all of us girls. Little sister is finally on a schedule with her naps and bedtime in her own crib. While I miss those snuggles sometimes, it is nice to be able to sleep greater than 6 hours at night!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that Wade (my husband) is in college. Yes, I’m a stay at home mom and he works full time and is taking 2 college courses. He is trying to better our futures by being able to get a better job. How blessed am I with such a good man that will do whatever it takes for us? So so thankful and lucky to have such a wonderful best friend and husband. Anyway, my point with all that is that he tries to do homework during the weekend and I’m trying to keep busy so that he can focus. Sometimes it’s not that easy because I can talk his ear off but he never complains. I was definitely out of his hair this weekend though! 😂

While I can’t post Mother’s Day gifts yet, because I’m pretty sure my mom follows my blog.. I see you! 😉 I will post what I made for myself and the sisters.

So the top picture is matching shirts that I made for myself and Jae. The bottom right picture is a cute little top and bottom separates that needed a little something on the pocket, and bottom left is a plain ole swim top that needed something to match little sister’s bathing suit. I’m still LOVING this Silhouette Cameo but I’m really wanting to get better at sewing. I’ve got teacher appreciation week all planned out and I will hopefully start on those tomorrow then maybe Betty (sewing machine… hee hee) and I can get some one on one time. Until next time…


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