stay at home mom

No Soliciting!


     We had such a busy weekend this weekend. Sometimes those are good to be so caught up and no down time. Other times however, it is nice to have lazy weekends. We had parent teacher conferences for my oldest daughter on Friday and she seems to be doing great, except her handwriting. We have to work on that. Pinterest to the rescue! 🙂

On Friday, I also finished my No Soliciting sign for my plant on our porch, and yes, so far the new plants are still doing great. Today was watering day! Anyway- I really need to work on centering my projects. This one runs down, I get super excited and just want to stick it on. I also didn’t measure right but I was not about to waste that vinyl so I ended up cutting each letter that way I could place them closer together. If you care at all how I made it, keep on reading!

  • I first bought a wood sign at Wal-mart and spray painted it black.
  • Then we bought some gardening stakes from Lowes and I put liquid nails on the back of the stake and lined it up with the center of my board.


  • I designed my signage in Silhouette Studio and printed it out on white vinyl. I wanted contrasting colors so people can see it.


  • Placed vinyl and stuck it in my plant. VOILA!
On an extra side note. I received my February Swagbag in the mail today. It’s this super cute (and comfy) pink tee with my initials and I. Love. It. February is almost over but this will be a cute summer top or even sleeping shirt. I haven’t been the happiest about this companies shipping but you cannot beat a monogrammed piece of clothing for 14$ and that includes shipping…
 Goodnight and Sleep tight.😴😴😴😴😴

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