stay at home mom

Though She be but Little…

She is Fierce
– Shakespeare

I was bound and determined to eventually one day get a cameo. The main thing I wanted to make were shirts. I had already had Silhouette studio downloaded and even BOUGHT some things… I even made some pumpkin shirts and printed them on some iron on transfer paper. They did not even make it through the wash… I thought and used it as a buying vice for my husband, if I can just make shirts we won’t have to buy any. They are exactly how you want them and come on… I like being crafty and creative. How much fun would it be?!

When I bought the heat press on Amazon there was a little package deal like they always have at the bottom and you could get some Teflon sheets and 3 sheets of Siser Easyweed for like 20$ bucks more so I figured I would for sure need the Teflon sheets and thought what a great bonus for HTV. I was so nervous to use the heat press that I just got started on this onesie last night. It was SO easy. I’m so ready for my larger order of HTV to come in so I can make more. St. Patricks day is coming up and man oh man I already have all these cute things in mind. 🙂

This SVG file was one of the first that I found (I think on Pinterest looking for ‘free SVG’). I opened it in Silhouette Studio and I also did my little ones initials… Full intent of putting the initials on the front with this saying on the back and I didn’t mirror her initials… bummer. I wasn’t going to waste my perfect opportunity with this scary heat press clicking ever so often to keep it’s temperature up. I started weeding and it was so easy.. duh Easyweed! 🙂

I then took the onesie and pressed it a couple of seconds to get the excess moisture out and flatten it. Then grabbed my vinyl and centered it. Thanks to Silhouette School I downloaded the Siser app and it told me exactly the heat settings and time I should press for. Temp was 305 and to press for 10-15 seconds with medium pressure. Worked like a charm. I peeled the transfer paper off and voila! A super cute new onesie for my little love bug. It wasn’t finished yet though. I flipped it inside out and pressed again just to make sure that it had adhered. 
So after all that, and realizing how EASY it was I cannot wait to do it again. I have all these fun and cute ideas. I’ve ordered some green raglan shirts from Jiffy Shirts and they have already shipped and should be here today. I ordered them about 2 days ago. Super impressed. I’m almost done with my No Soliciting flower pot sign too. 🙂

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