stay at home mom

Let’s talk about my brown thumb…

     My mom has always, always had indoor and outdoor plants ever since I can remember. I however have not been that lucky with plants. I either forget to water them or don’t even pay attention to the specific care that they need… so what have I done? Yet another challenge for me to attempt. Hey, life is about challenges right?

So I’ve had this struggling fern, (in this beautiful galvanized pot that we found at Ikea) on our front porch and I decided to put it in the back yard on the deck for some extra TLC. I wanted a duo at least of plants, preferring a hanging ivy with some color so a quick stop at Lowes and I decided on these two. Some purple and white mixed pansies and a hanging ivy Pothos or Devils Ivy… I would pick that out, wouldn’t I? haha. I plan on getting a little chalk board and stake and putting, “NO SOLICITING PLEASE” on it. 🙂

While at Lowe’s I found this really pretty looking tree and I thought it would look great in the corner of our living room and provide some green. I had to ask my green thumb of a mother what kind of plant it was and she knew. (Thank goodness for moms, right?) It’s called a Dieffenbachia or The Dumb Cane… again, I would pick that one right? *eyeroll*
So sprinkle some green on my plants over here and pray they live. haha. 🙂
Luna also had fun helping me re-pot these plants. Hers a good girl.

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