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Influenster || Violet Vox Box 2013

I’ve had my Influenster Vox Box items for a couple weeks now. It’s review time!

This didn’t last very long. I had two bites then my 5 year old ate the rest. It was pretty good. I think I would have liked another flavor better, not a cranberry fan.

This headband was very comfortable, however it didn’t stay put very well. It slid really easy because of the material. I love the gray and Violet together. Maybe if you wore your hair down like in the picture it would stay better, but for me it just didn’t stay.

Out of the whole box this was my favorite… It’s Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in reef-raf. However, it’s not the best fingernail polish in the world. It’s super streaky. I’m wearing one coat now and you can see the streaks. I think 1-2 more coats and it would be fine.

I was most excited about this product in my Vox Box. It’s the Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush. This thing retails at 13.00!! I would never pay that for a hairbrush, especially not this one. I was SO let down by this brush. It did absolutely nothing for my hair and was terrible to brush with. It felt very cheap and not at all of good quality.
I was very pleased to receive these, compliments of Influenster, Goody, SoyJoy, and Sally Hansen. I love testing out new products.
Goodnight loves!

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