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Influenster || Mary Kay Vox Box

Why hello there!

It’s been sometime since I’ve stopped by. I have a big people job now… So I work my days away and rarely get time to read, blog, etc.


I got a very lovely package in the mail the other day. It was my very first influenster vox box. It was filled with wonderful Mary Kay (full sized) products!!



Influenster is a community of people who review and rate products. If you qualify for a certain vox box, they send you a bunch of samples, so you can review and spread the word! I think influenster is by invite only now, I guess they have so many people signed up. You have to request an invite or just let me know and I can invite you. It’s loads of fun. I’ve enjoyed my Mary Kay Vox Box so much! Lets do this:

It came with (from Left to right) lash primer, mascara, a concealer/cream eyeshadow brush, lipstick in pink chèrie, and last but not least a lavender cream eyeshadow called purple storm!

This is my most favorite in the box! It has these little cotton things I between the brushes and works so well. I’ve used it by itself this week. It gives a good base for mascara to be applied.

The mascara is okay, I DO NOT like the silicone brushes. They hurt my eyes. They are too hard, but they do work at separating and lengthening lashes (primer does that too).

Nothing too special about this brush, it gets the job done and has a soft tip.

The lipstick is a sheer wash of bright pink. It is pretty. It has a smell to it, that I’m not fond of but the formula is good. Doesn’t dry out your lips and is very easy to apply. The packaging is pretty cool. You can see the color through the top of the tube, and it slides in and out of the top casing. Cool!

Lastly, the creame eyeshadow. The color pay off isn’t the greatest. It last a long time, I had to scrub it off my hand! I think this would be a great base for a powdered shadow. It’s very smooth and creamy (as its called).

I’m very thankful to Mary Kay and Influenster for letting me test out these products for completely no cost to me! I haven’t tried Mary Kay in years!! Like I said my favorite in the box is the primer. They included a magazine with their products and i’m very intrigued! I’ll post a look of all the products on my mug:

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!




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