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Review || Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Cat Eyes


Hello Hello!

My first review of 2013 and it isn’t good… :/ I have heard about the cat eyes mascara and thought, oh! I LOVE love my regular colossal volume, this one shall be amazing. I was wrong. I love everything about the huge brush and the almost dry formula in the regular colossal volume. This one is just about the opposite. The brush is curved and small. Also really stiff, it almost hurt to brush it through my lashes.

The formula was very wet and I don’t want to say runny but it almost felt like there was no formula there. I obviously know that this wasn’t going to give me a more cat like appearance, but I thought it would be a better colossal volume. I must say that the packaging is adorable. I love the leopard spots but this mascara just wasn’t worth the 7.00-8.00 I spent.

Now, why this looks like it did an okay job, I’ll post my makeup of the day picture and it almost looks like I have no mascara on… Such a disappointment.

Well that will be it for this review, until next time…

Peace an Blessings 🙂



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