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I Just got the first doe of the season!!!

Haha. I know it’s supposed to be buck… But hey we get what we can get! It was a modern gun doe hunt in specified zones here in Arkansas and I just so happened to go hunting with my dad… Who goes to a deer camp in a little city named Sheridan (well outside of Sheridan). I got out to my stand around 0630 and when daylight breaks I ask my dad (through a text message shhh!!) where in the heck is the feeder? He responded with right in front of you. I look and I don’t ever find it. My phone lights up again with a text from my dad saying be sure and look down the road. I said okay, and looked to my right see nothing… Take my time looking to the left and BAZINGA! There were two doe crossing the street. Now, granted this is my second deer EVER, I still get jumpy and shaky and I got a neck shot… To some that’s good but I’ve always been told a chest shot is the best shot. So here is my little doe:

You can see the bullet hole in her neck there… She didn’t even budge. As soon as I shot she plopped down. So yay for some deer meat… I feel like we have been out of deer meat forever but it’s only just been for about 3 weeks or so hehe. Ready for some good eatins!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Mindy Lou



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