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Bow season officially begins! :)

Hello Hello!!

So here in Arkansas, our bow season officially started and I feel we got a good start. Didn’t get anything, but kinda saw what was going on and what maybe we would see in the future. OH, and these are really shaky… I forgot to get a tripod before we left.. sorry for that, it can be annoying.

Saturday 9/15/12
So, we weren’t really prepared for me to be using a crossbow this season so I was in a deer blind which was about 65 yards away from the feeder and so I didn’t try to kill anything, because it was too far away for me to try and get an accurate shot. I got out in the stand (almost too late) about 6:30am and around a hour or two later I saw a doe. She was either really old or she was sick. We thought maybe she had mange and was starving or something she was really little.

Sunday 9/16/12
I got out to the stand really early this morning about 5:45am… and again around 7-7:30 I got to where I needed to stand up and stretch.. I happen to look over to my left and just stood there for a minute watching and then I decide to set back down and I see this little guy. I thought he was a 4 point and so I didn’t make any effort to get closer because I definitely would have killed him if he were bigger. Actually, watching this over with my husband it almost looks as if we can count at least 6 legal points around the base of the horns. So have a look at him and thanks for reading. We will be back at it next weekend. 🙂

Mindy Lou Who

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