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Haul: Camo & Clothes

Hello!! I’m sooo excited. Hunting season is just upon us, and I’m getting ready by doing a little shopping. A friend on my Facebook who is an avid bow hunter (and very pretty too) shared a link to a company called Just For Does. I saw the post and noticed they had really cute clothes, and considering I’m a jeans and tshirt kind of gal, I just could resist! I bought 2 shirts. 1 is a turquoise tank top with red font that says Just For Does (clearance 19.95) and pretty ornate scrolls around it.

I also got a really cute black T-shirt that has a little doe on front with the companies name Just For Does. Then on the back is We Hunt Like You, Only Prettier. (retails 25.00) If you girls are into tshirts and hunting, I HIGHLY suggest checking them out. Shipping was fast and amazing customer service. Another thing the company has is scent free shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion to keep those pretty smells away while hunting! Visit them at




I was also at Wal-mart the other day, down their clearence section and I found some Camo hats for 5.00! What a steal! I found this really cute Realtree hat that is Camo but it has lace and pink font embroidery with a silver dot embroidered deer on the front. I loved it and with that great price, had to have it.

Last BUT certaintly not least… We took my dad to our local Hunting Expo this weekend and he was so nice enough to buy me some new bibs! So excited. They were a really good deal, they were half off. And I love them! I’ve been wearing them all night, they are SO comfy. 😍 I’m very thankful, for my dad for purchasing them for me. I’m all ready to go! Can’t wait to show you guys some of my hunts! Cross your fingers for a BIG buck!

Thanks for reading you guys! 💋



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