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Review: Sigma’s Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit

Hello Hello!

I recently purchased Sigma’s deluxe brow kit and thought I would write you lovelies about it.


The Details:

I was really impressed with the detail on this brow kit. I have the Anastasia brow kit (29.00 at Sephora) and it is only meant for Blondes and doesn’t come with all the goodies that this brow kit comes with. Although, it is a bit pricey, you get a wide range of brow shades which you could use for anything yourself for a dramatic result or on others that you might do make up on.

This isn’t the easiest thing to carry around with you, it’s not all light and absolutely bulky. I also noticed that the brow shades were a tad chalky but overall a good pigment pay off.

Shades in order of palette from bottom to top

The highlight pencil is a dual pencil and one end is a more glittery, shimmery brow highlighter and the more pink side is a milky pink highlighter. I was pleased with this pencil, it was smooth and had great color pay off.

The other pencil is an actual brow pencil. You have a dark shade and a lighter shade. I didn’t care for this pencil honestly. I felt like it was really hard to get the color off. I know it should be hard because you are drawing little lines to feel in your brows. Most likely won’t be using it.

And last but not least the brow gel duo. It comes one end in a clear gel to set your powder with and the other side a quite dark brown brow gel.

Should you get it?:

Personally, I think I will enjoy this because really the only time I actually do my eyebrows, is if I go out for the evening or something more classy to go to. So it’s perfect for me to do at home. If you are wanting something for traveling, I wouldn’t purchase it. It’s great for those that do make up on other people because you have a wide range of colors, but you can also use eye shadows to fill your brows, those work too. So it’s up to you!


Rating: 4/5



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