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Better than False Lashes by Too Faced!

Hello hello beautiful people! I purchased the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes System about 2 weeks ago. I really like it for a short dramatic look. The mascara is really sticky… Which reminds me of false lashes. I think they would be absolutely perfect for a night on the town or just a dinner date. When I’ve worn them all day long, they seem to get goopy and sticky. They also stick to your bottom lashes and makes you fill like you can’t open your eye. (scary, I know) The formula does work though. Here are some before and after images with my lashes:

You can see the length and thickness improved. Also, I’m not a fan of the two step process but we all can’t have it our way. You apply the mascara first, then you apply the nylon fibers and just first glance you see what looks like pieces of cotton (nylon fibers) that are wrapped around it and you are going to apply these to your lashes and just build on the thickness you prefer. Then you will re-apply the mascara over the nylon fibers and again build up to your desired effect. The directions on the box are below as well as my final suggestion.





  1. Prime- Use the activating mascara to create a base to adhere the weightless, Flexistretch™ nylon fibers.
  2. Sculpter- Brush on 1-2 coats of the exclusive Flexistretch™ nylon fibers to build outrageous length and volume.
  3. Fixer- Finish by sealing the exclusive Flexistretch™ nylon fibers with the ultra-black activating mascara to create that “Better Than False Lashes” effect!


Honestly, I probably wouldn’t pay 35.00 for it again but I will use this box up for sure. I like that I can have “falsies” without having to use glue and make sure it dries and then make sure I place them correctly. So, it’s up to you! I like the convenience of them.


Peace and Blessings 😍



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