stay at home mom

here… there… EVERYWHERE!

Hello Hello. Long time no talk y’all! I’m back, at least for a little while. I have been going and going non stop since I went to Alabama almost 2 months ago! As soon as I got back from Alabama, I had three days to get locked and loaded for a two concert Miranda Lambert road trip!! We went to Corpus Christi, Texas to Beaumont, Texas and then back home. All in all it was like a 12 hour drive which sucked! So anyway – We had family here a couple weeks ago and August 11-12 we are going on a floating trip and then ANOTHER ML concert August 17th (I CAN’T WAIT) then off to Rockdale, Texas after that. PHEW I know.

I really hope you guys are checking out my instagram because I’m posting a lot of makeup pictures! 🙂 My IG is minlouwho10 Follow me please!

I just did a really cool look for the new Batman movie. Let me know if I should do a tutorial. It’s been awhile since I have done a video. Okay I think that’s it.

Peace an Blessings,
Mindy XO

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