stay at home mom

Rain is a good thing!

Last Sunday we picked up a bunch of seeds at our local Lowes and We planted cantaloupe, watermelon, onions, tomatoes, and corn and so far we at least have 4 plants per vegetable/ fruit! I’m SO excited! I had NO idea that it would be this easy and so quick… I mean we paid at the most 2.50 for a pack of seeds and have at least a couple vegetables and fruit! Anyway enough with the typing here are some pictures!  

This was half way through the week last week:

And here they are now: (1 week later)

Brought them inside because it’s supposed to rain… Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with them. We will be moving them into the ground, just wanted them to get a head start! 🙂
Peace and Blessings



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