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April 2012 Myglam bag!

This months Myglam bag was based on girls night out! I was really impressed with this months Myglam! Came with actual makeup and I loved it! Here is the specks:

April 12 Myglam!
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil – create your unique eye look with these creamy glide on pencils in the latest colors. Built to last 24/7.
  • DermStore lip quench moisture infused lip treatment – using a blend of nourishing oils, this treatment softens and smooths lips.
  • All-belle Eyelashes – accentuate your eyes for any occasions with these gorgeous faux lashes.
  • Myglam All-over eyeshadow brush and eyeliner brush – Handpicked by Michelle (Phan), enjoy two additional signature pink brushes to add to your exclusive Myglam collection.

I actually own the 24/7 eyeliner(s) and ADORE all of them! That is my go to eyeliner because it stays put with out the fallout! The DermStore lip quench is pretty good too! It’s something good to put on before you apply your makeup that way you get some good moisture before you put lipstick etc on. I’m not fond of the smell but it’s not awful and I like the consistency and the frost that shows up on your lips. I Loved the eyelashes! They were so natural and they went on really easy. I actually wore them to a concert and they held up all night and gave me a little “oomph” but was still classy and natural looking. It got really hot and I was worried they would melt off but they stayed in place and looked so cute! The brushes are awesome! Everybody can use the extra brushes, but they are actually a good quality of brush! I’ve used them to apply eyeshadow and they work awesome! Overall, I give this months Myglam an A- because it was all beauty related and they were great samples! Thanks Myglam for an awesome bag. OH! And the little pink bag is too cute! It’s like a metallic pink and it reminds me of Blondie from back in the 80’s! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Be sure and check out my YouTube channel!!

Peace and Blessings,

Min Lou who


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